I aint moving and you can't make me Mista!

I'm ain't moving, and you got nothing to say, mista.

Climbing in the White Mountains.

In a different universe, I worked with emotionally disturbed young adults in a program my buddy Brad and I developed. We sorta thought of it as Real World 101, meaning "Everything you do, matters". The message we tried to get across to these young adults was that if they acted in the "real world" the way they acted in the classroom, they'd become a greasy spot in the middle of, the road of life.

Since our Philosophy was, "Welcome to the Real World", we'll skip all the labels that school systems and society put on Bob and just deal with the reality of this life moment. And on this day, in that place the conversation went something like this.

"Get up Bob, it's time to go."

"I ain't movin mista."
"Come on Bob, if you stay on this rock you're going to die."

"I ain't movin mista, and you can't make me."

"Okay, don't move. But make sure you stay right here, so I can tell your parents were to find your body."


Yah, the rest of us are leaving. Did you actually think the rest of us were going to sit down just because you did?"

At this point Brad and the other eleven guys leave adding to the reality of what it's going to feel like to be sitting there alone.

Maybe I should think some more, you mista you."

"Yah, maybe you should rethink this Bob, because as soon as John and I get our packs on, we're outa here."

"You can't leave me here."

"Bob, there's a difference between me leaving you here and you staying here."

"Okay, maybe I'll change my mind."

"Nope. There aren't any maybes when it comes to life and death. So stay here and die or get up and get moving. You need to make a decision."

"Okay, I change my mind."

"Good choice Bob. Now get your sorry butt off the ground and get ready to move".

"Why you, mista!"

And for anyone wondering, the answer is no, We wouldn't have left him. The hat you wear when you take kids into the wilderness is; doctor, lawyer, Indian chief, and babysitter, nurse, friend, father, instructor, ass kicker and a few other things.