Sorry, we don't have a mission statement, and I guess that dooms us to be forever scraping at the edges of things, but we can live with that.

Scraping at the edges is an asset that allows us to push ourselves, and we need the pushing.

We understand photography is subjective and "art appreciation" is conceptually oblique.

We hope our prints are special and desirable. We'll continue to sell photographs and fine art prints, and if we're lucky, to publish books, but we won't be sitting around waiting for the vast millions in profits to come through the door.

 We aren't in this for glory and praise.

We're in it for a different reason.

We'd much rather be on a winter beach, or in the middle of a swamp in the woods of New Hampshire or Maine; looking, seeing, and photographing.

We're looking for something.

We're on a hunt.

We're chasing it, and the closer we get the better it feels.

We may never be able to catch it.

We just hope it shows up in our work sometimes.

We plan to make at least one limited edition print available for purchase each month, and we'll see what develops-no pun intended.

We won't be selling this print but maybe we'll tell the story in our blog one of these days. There are thirteen special-needs kids just to the right and out of view in this picture. The famous "Snot-nosed Rangers".