The Shipwright and the Schooner

The Shipwriight and the Schooner is an exploration into traditional New England shipbuilding, and it is a journey of discovery for both the author, who has spent his life building wooden boats, and the photographer, who had his first experiences in the boatyard. The book chronicles in words and stunning color photographs the construction, launch, and subsequent season of sailing aboard the Ardelle. The vessel is a testament to community involvement and a badge of honor in the age of mass production. It is a reminder of simpler times, when things were meticulously crafted by hand, and of a lifeway that has mostly vanished.


Beachcomber's Guide to the Northeast

For whatever reason, man has always been drawn to the sea. It invigorates us, inspires our creativity and spirituality, and awakens our senses of wonder, curiosity, and exploration. People have long walked the shore in search of treasures washed up from far away. Now, visitors and residents of New England and northeast have this source to get them to them to the beach and tell them what they can expect to find. Covering the coast from western Connecticut to the Canadian border, The Beachcomber's Guide to the Northeast describes every prominent beach, their makeup (whether sand or rocky,) and includes directions and pertinent facts about available amenities. The text also includes descriptions and photos of flora and fauna that might be seen, such as crabs, shells, birds, insects, even fish and whales. And of course there are the flotsam and jetsam that can be found, from driftwood to sea glass to beach stones and even shipwrecks. It's all covered here. There's even a section on pirates and pirate treasure.
This is the book to bring the next time you head to the beach.


Scenic Maine Road Trips

roadtrips book.jpg

Boasting one of the oldest Scenic Byway programs in the country, Maine offers diverse landscapes such as the Western Mountains and the rugged Down East coastline. Scenic Maine Road Trips is the first of its kind to explore the outstanding character, tradition, culture, and wilderness to be discovered along these routes. This exploration through photographs, maps, informative text and sidebars will help you discover the real Maine that exists beyond Route 1 or I-95.


Thoreau's Maine Woods


Beginning in 1847, Henry David Thoreau made three trips to the mostly unexplored Maine woods. Along the way he recorded his observations on the  wildlife (flora and fauna), the weather, terrain, and on the nature of the  people he met along the way, including loggers, rivermen, and his Abnaki  guides. In Thoreau's Maine Woods, photographer Dan Tobyne captures the  essence of the Maine Thoreau discovered and described in his book. The  combination of short excerpts with stunning imagery carries Thoreau's work to  a higher level, presenting it in both glowing words and pictures.

Thoreau's Cape Cod


Henry David Thoreau took four walking tours of Cape Cod from 1849 to 1857, and the result is what Walter Harding called his "sunniest, happiest book. It bubbles over with jokes, puns, tall tales, and genial good humor." Thoreau's Cape Cod comes vividly to life in this exquisite edition, with the help of Dan Tobyne's brilliant color photography. Tobyne committed himself to "walking the walk" - retracing Thoreau's steps to find what can still be seen of Thoreau's Cape Cod. Tobyne's images are matched to the corresponding passages from Thoreau's text. We can be grateful that much of the pristine beauty that inspired the naturalist 150 years ago is still there to inspire and uplift us today.


Boston's Emerald Necklace

Frederick Law Olmsted's vision for the Boston park system is celebrated in this beautiful addition to our New England Landmarks series.