Color vs. Black and White

This was one of those times when I just couldn't capture what I saw in my minds eye. I could see the finished print but couldn't maneuver to get the shot. I needed to move to the left but was hanging off the end of a dock as it was. Black and white can be less tolerant than color when it comes to balance because there's less distraction in a black and white print.  I look at the volume of a scene and view things in terms of heavy and light when it comes to balance and this one for example, is heavy on one end and light on the other. If I could have moved to my left I might have been able to balance this frame and capture what I was looking for. Moving left and turning the camera to the right may have fixed the giant mass of pots on the right. It definitely would have brought the lobster shack into view more and filled in the other side of the frame.

Without a boat there wasn't any way to do this.